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Wildlife Animal Control

We are a nuisance wildlife control company. We help people solve conflicts with nuisance wildlife. This includes animal capture, removal, exclusion, damage repairs, waste cleanup, and more. We specialize in humane trapping techniques and complete animal pest control solutions. Basically, if you have a problem caused by the wild animals in your area, we can solve it.

Raccoon Removal, Possum Removal, Armadillo Removal

raccoon removal with raccoon trap

Raccoon Removal

One of our top animal removal jobs is dealing with those pesky raccoons. We get rid of Raccoons every day, please leave this disease-infested animal up to a specialist.

raccoon removal with raccoon trap

Skunk Removal

Skunks become a nuisance when their burrowing and feeding habits conflict with humans. They may burrow under porches or buildings by entering foundation openings. Garbage or refuse left outdoors may be disturbed by skunks.

raccoon removal with raccoon trap

Squirrel Removal

If you hear noises in your walls or attic and are under the impression there may be a squirrel or family of squirrels living on the property.

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Professional Critter Control and Animal Removal Specialists

Do you need help with animal removal and control? You’ve come to the right place! At US Wildlife Specialists, you’ll have access to safe and humane animal removal services so you’ll have peace of mind that your property is safe from damaging pests. When you want the best solution for both the animal and your property, the US Wildlife Specialists team can help. We have expertise in trapping and removing all types of animals without harming the critter or your property. When you have a problem with rats, raccoons, bats, or other animals, you can count on us. Read more about the services you’ll find here.


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